The Leather Bags Shop: Who, Why and What we are- a word about or two about Clean Vintage

Our Story is simple indeed. Nothing crazy is to be found here. Nothing of excessive pose. We simply make great leather bags. We mostly do them with men, in mind. We do not know much about women, except that we do not know them, okay... we also know that we adore them.

But we do know men; and we know that it is time to present more leather bags for men- real leather bags for real men, as opposed to here and there suggestions of women leather bags that could be wear "also" by men. More specifically, we suggest top-quality and multi-functional bags for men; suitable for the digital age, as they are suitable to the different needs of the modern men in a bag- sometimes, many times indeed- quite different ones in the very same day.
It is not merely the fact that these bags are made with living, working men in mind, and hence they are spacious, durable and mostly multi-functional. Our leather bags are also made out of concern to, and with a view of, the material itself; nature itself.
In other words, we do not share the common sin of most famous "designers”; namely, the fact that they are not working out of the material itself; not working with a due respect to the material which comes, AFTER ALL, from nature itself. As a result, saying yes to (most) of the famous designers’ bags is to say No to all that We Cherish with respect of Leather goes downhill: the look of the natural leather, the individuality of the leather, as of anything in nature; and yes, the very fact of the noble growth and change of the leather vis-a-vis time and use.