DSLR Camera Bags; Leather Messenger Bags for Camera, Lenses and Laptop

Clean Vintage's premium collection of camera leather bags / dslr messenger bags- comes to elevate your experience as a pro photographer- though you could hold a DSLR with Clean Vintage's bags as as a hobby, nonetheless.

Thus or thus, men or women, pro or here or there sinner in photography, one thing is certain- you are about to find our leather bags as stylish and as great as possible in quality, and all of that with an amazing price tag. 

Let us make a deal. We would not give the relative high price that other brands give to their leather camera bags, but you must take it as a de facto possibility. Unbeliever? Well, first of all, we got you cover with our 30 days return policy and 1 year, hassle-free warranty. 
Too big a statement? Not really! Let us see why- yes, when you would see our bags in real life, you would sense intuitively, at first sight, at first touch. The implicit argument is far superior in this case, but till your new camera bag is coming at your door, allow us to spell out a little about the Why behind the expected feeling of yours regarding our camera bags. 

In Clean Vintage, we are constantly aiming at providing the best price for the best value leather bags. Our handmade leather bags are being made from first rate material. First and foremost, we speak upon the leather itself. I.e., Italian, first layer, full grain thick, naturally tanned leather. Part of the quality here is the vintage outlook at the question of how to design the leather bags from the first place. It is always a design which goes to the functional, and by the functional we mean two main things;

  1. As for the functional in the traditional sense, we mean that Clean Vintage is not here to offer anything crazy. It's aim is just to make the best functioning bag a better one. "Functioning bag"- yes, with this retro, vintage-like idea, according to which the bag should, first of all, be a bag...should come to serve us best as a bag. It is a bag, and not a way to idolize nothing in this so-called X by X X, and while doing it, to go buy nothing in a price which suggests that which would never come true.

  2. Ours is a bag, not a fashionable statement. But this is the magic of the matter: by thinking closely to the function, it is easier to have a more everlasting appeal than the mere attempt to invent from nothing. Okay; but that is not the only thing here, of course not! Otherwise, we would have written it on a PC, or doing a bag like that:

The truth of the matter is that this possible- that this keeps the design of the bag a more valid one, as a more sane one...only when in the background of things, a deeper understanding of function is in play. To put it as clearly as possible: this understanding of how-to make the leather bag revolves around the idea that beauty is the first of all functions... Again, this understanding, and one must say something about the vintage, and more directly so... about beauty has with it something of the romantic, where the yearning for the past is yet of something to complete in the future...

But okay... what the function means now, in this world, in this world of rapidly, everday-changed needs? Well; one solution would be the highly stupid, dividing one- making many things for many needs. When speaking about bags how stupid and impractical is that, no? But okay, and okay, as on the other hand, we see the solution of all-in-one, but a bulky, ugly, boring, uninteresting non-one one... Our practical solution?  

Well, to make slim, yet expandable, medium, yet all large leather bags; in a word, the making of responsive leather bag, letting you to decide on their particular function whenever you want, only to see how these bags are indeed adapt themselves, so stylistically to that which you ask from them. 

 It is not only the best offer possible by the reason of why buying a new bag every year or two, when you can buy a bag for life... For Clean Vintage, it is much more than that. The aim is to create this kind of value, while eliminating the possibility that you would have to work a lifetime in order to pay for this bag. CleanVintage