Clean Vintage Backpack Briefcase Messenger bag- Leather- Brown- Fits 15.6 Inch Laptops

  • Fashionable, updated version of the classical 3-way briefcase backpack. Excellent cowhide leather. As a laptop bag, Clean Vintage convertible messenger bag backpack fits most computers/laptops up to 15.6 inch. Multi-pocket, organized-obsessed intent allows you to store as much as you need for a long, changing, ultra modern day. The sheer beauty, and yet the solid, unclaiming nature of the bag would make it of a fit for any situation & event that the those long days may invite you. 

    • Clean Vintage Leather Convertible Bag is made from a premium- thick, tanned, top-grained genuine, excellent cowhide leather.
    • Excellent craftsmanship and first-rate, heavy-duty hardware.
    •  Multi-pocket, organized-obsessed bag. 
    • Convertible/hybrid messenger bag backpack bag. Easily transform your backpack into messenger bag and vice-versa. 
    • Fits 15.6" Laptops
Aging gracefully 

You would not get bored with it... the fine leather of this bag would even grow more in beauty- with use and time. Here you literally take nature with you and see how it evolved with you.

So why so cheap?
  • Okay...okay...we hear you- how if so good, how if nothing cheap is to be found in this bag, this bag is relatively cheap against the priced

  • Against this background- Let us state it clear as possible. Best Value for Money; premium quality bags in a fraction of the market cost: for money leather and/or canvas bags and goods: not only because the lasting nature of the material; but also because Clean Vintage grew out of the refusal to sell to stores or wholesalers. We prefer to offer the same price (and not this price *3) directly to you- the end-consumer.