CV Men Women Leather Waist Pack- Phone Sling Bag Belt Bag- Blue Saddle Buy CV Men Women Leather Waist Pack- Phone Sling Bag Belt Bag- Blue Saddle Leather at Clean Vintage for only $35.19

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CV Men Women Leather Waist Pack- Phone Sling Bag Belt Bag- Blue Saddle Leather

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Yes, with this Man's genuine leather Waist Pack, Mini Shoulder Bag, we again hits the Vintage mark. And yet, the vintage spirit of our bags is not for pursued for its own sake. Part of the retro is the very conception that bags are here to serve us- yes, shocking, we know... Hence, with this waist pack, pouch, little travel bag, you would find a great fit with our current needs, as living and travelling in an ultra-digital world. This roomy little-big leather pouch is divided into 3 main compartments; the central one is divided again into three. The durable lining creates pockets suitable to your mobile phone and wallet/passport and so on. Thus, it should not be a surprise that this leather pouch/belt bag/messenger could store all the little things that you need on a daily basis, to say nothing about its suitability for travelling, as a roomy, organized; and yes, all-secured bag, with its different wear options. To be sure, this little-big travelling pouch could be weared in three different ways- 1) as a hidden "money belt"; 2) in a more loose way, as a waist pack, with the help of the powerful-attached hook; and 3) as a shoulder/messenger bag, as this little, yet all-roomy bag comes also with an adjustable leather strap.

  • TOP QUALITY Waist Bag / Messenger Bag. Premium genuine leather- not simply "genuine", but of the top-layer leather. Clean Vintage does not in the habit of meeting the bare minimum in the selection of its leather, so that to shout LEATHER and SALE (!). For us, the latter may be genuine leather in general terms, but also a highly deceiving fact. If leather is associated with both nature and quality, then the only genuine fact about leather is to sell top-layer cowhide leather!
  • Multi-functional little leather bag. Indeed, this leather bag takes the form of a leather waist bag pack, once used with the two back options to attach this little practical bag either to your belt or pants. So far so good...
  • But also, this leather bag for men could become all at once a little messenger bag / cross-body bag for men
  • Best leather possible; and yet the best in the lowest price possible- this is Clean Vintage. Multipurpose, existential, letting you to decide kind of bags- this is also US. But it is not US if it is NOT also the case of elegance and solidity, nonetheless the fact of the different wearing options
  • This steampunk-inclined little leather bag for men comes with 1 year full warranty
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