Clean Vintage

New RFID Blocking Security Wallets For Men- Trifold Extra Capacity Leather Wallet, Genuine Leather Black

Black Flipout

Men- our bifold and trifold wallets for men have nothing to do with the latest trend of minimal leather wallets, at least not its absurd extreme, where function is being sacrificed for an alleged style. Part of the vintage creed is to stick fast to what makes sense, and here it simply means a full, all-around functional front pocket wallet.

Make no mistake, then: however slim, stylish (or technological-rich), Clean Vintage wallets are still true to what a wallet should do...

RFID PROTECTION: RFID tags are currently being placed in US Passports, credit cards and other forms of identification. Protect your information from hackers by using a Clean Vintage RFID blocking wallet.

Cheap Wallet, but only in price, not in the leather involved. As the very remains of the first and even second the cowhide layers may amount to a genuine leather, Clean Vintage makes it easy to you. It only uses top-layer cowhide leather-in short, what you may well expect to get when you buy "leather"- that which comes more from nature than human work/manipulation upon the leather

1 year full warranty - your satisfaction is important for us. Our wallet is backed by one year, hassle-free warranty: if a problem pops-up, please contact us and we would let you choose one of the two: either replacement or refund for the full price of the wallet.

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Dry clean only
  • Traditionally-tanned black leather, Trifold Wallet for Men, Secure RFID Protection. The advantage of Clean Vintage vs. run of the mill Leather Wallets lies in the details; in living up to quality itself:
  • Leather: Wallets for Men for mostly made of genuine leather. Yet, the type of the leather varies greatly. Words aside, when you would take this trifold wallet at hand, you would immediately feel the fist rate, top-layer cowhide leather employed here. Smooth to touch, richly pebbled to the eye, the quality behind the Black Leather Wallet would be unmistaken indeed (1)
  • Rfid Blocking Wallet: fully-lined and fully-tested security wallet. Protect your RFID Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards from electronic pickpocketing. Clean Vintage built-in and up-to-date (!) RFID shield would supply you extra protection by blocking the radio frequencies that may be embedded in your Credit Cards and IDs (2)
  • Trifold Extra Capacity Wallet- Clean Vintage Trifold Leather Wallet for Men, you would be able to hold your ID, Credit Cards, Business cards, etc. It is a fully functional men's wallet- a true fit for a man which desires more a wallet than a gadget to be thrown aside soon enough due to lack of functionality
  • Best Value for Money. Sold directly to the end-customer, solely through this distingushed platform. Backed by 1 year warranty