Clean Vintage

Laptop Premium Leather Brief | Slim & Expandable Office Bag for Men

Classical Leather Briefcase | Messenger for men- Black- Italian Leather- Best Value for Money - Clean Vintage 

The classical briefcase of the business man has just become better. Among others, we changed it. Now, it is less of a brief, and more of a messenger, as appropriate indeed to our modern world.First, with this leather bag, we have used only the best material; and by using, we mean a fully hand-crafted use, and quite a minimal one (after all, the material is just that good that the art of resistance must be mastered here) . Second, we present before here a premium leather bag for men in a fraction of price: based on employing the near-possibility to market directly to the end-consumer, as upon our insistence not to sell to stores or wholesalers, which would have multiplied the price and then some more... However, the main thing for us here (yes, it is the main thing for us here...with respect of this leather bag for man, as the above is the necessary condition for everything we do with our leather bags) lies in the updated, modernized version/design of the classical briefcase. So much so that we have done the classical briefcase a sort of a handbag, certainly a sort of an urban messenger. On the other hand, and to the extent that you are a fan of James Bond (why?), or "just a lawyer", this leather brief is still the leather briefcase for you. It is part of this leather bag's magic. It would be just what you want when you want. Have we said something about how slim this leather briefcase is? And yet how expandable it is? At any rate, we should have said something about it. Test it yourself. Disappointment is not an option here, certainly with our no-question returns/replacements for 60 days, as our 2 year full warranty on all our leather bags. Give a bit of Vintage to our ultra-digital world; but give it Clean!

  • First-rate genuine leather; top grain, thick, heavy-duty cowhide + best in class hardware
  • Clean means minimum intervention in the material itself. This men's brief could adhere to this standard because we only work with high-end Leather.
  • Slim, but let it not foul you. It could hold much, and at the same time to maintain this stylish slim look.
  • 2 top main zippered compartments; one for your computer; the inner lining creates more pockets, and also an inner card holder with 3 card slots. Also, this bag has one big compartment in the front; and one another in the back.
  • 2 years warranty; 100% satisfaction guarantee: do not like it? We would be sad, but we would be sadder if you would be charged for something you did not like eventually. Never happened before; we work hard that it would not happen in the future.