Messenger Bag Backpack | Convertible Canvas Leather Laptop + Travel Bag for Men/Women

Clean Vintage Hybrid Briefcase Backpack Laptop Messenger Bag- Canvas Bag-Blue

Clean Vintage classically-styled messenger bag backpack is fashioned from a waxed canvas, and being finished with brown leather, detailing the bigger part of this bag generous number of main and side straps. This briefcase, and at the same time, comfortable, young, urban messenger bag for men/women, comes with a padded compartment for your laptop. 

  • Laptop messenger bag; Laptop Backpack: Convertible Hybrid briefcase messenger bag backpack- padded compartment (to be sure, it is just one out of 4 in 2 big, expandable zippered compartments) for laptops up to 15 laptop inch.
  • The perfect Daypack: Not only a laptop bag. Clean Vintage Backpack Messenger Bag gives a room for your laptop; but the bag, as hopefully life, does not exhaust itself with this one-function. Besides easily transforming from a backpack to a messenger bag, the universal appeal of its vintage style, as its expandable capacity, makes it a good fit for many uses indeed; in that sense, Clean Vintage Hybrid Backpack Laptop Messenger Bag is your must-be DAYPACK
  • Vintage Messenger bag: Clean Vintage is all in favour of the rustic in the city- the vintage in and around our digital world. Why all in favour, perhaps because it is nice contrast to our too digital virtual world, or maybe it is because this way of a bag to be this house of us in the road, and something less estranged from out world, at this world outside- is never a bad idea? Maybe. But maybe it is all-nonsense...
  • Beauty first: Maybe the whole thing is about beauty; maybe it here, specifically when the Vintage is Clean, beauty is (indeed) truth. But how we got to Keats? Though a college bag- as only a highly-versatile, expandable and a stylish bag could be, no lecturing is needed; just a bag- just the bag you need.
Cheap (only in price) 
    • Okay...okay...we hear you- how if so good, how if nothing cheap is to be found in this bag, this bag is relatively cheap against the priced

    • Against this background- Let us state it clear as possible. Best Value for Money; premium quality bags in a fraction of the market cost: for money leather and/or canvas bags and goods: not only because the lasting nature of the material; but also because Clean Vintage grew out of the refusal to sell to stores or wholesalers. We prefer to offer the same price (and not this price *3) directly to you- the end-consumer.